Gräber Rentals Company Presentation

Drive type
Drive type
Working height
Arbeitshöhe - slider
0m - 111m
Load capacity
Tragkraft - slider
0kg - 12000kg

Product data

Gräber DesignationManufacturerTypeMax. Working heightMax. Load capacityMax. Lateral reach*Data sheet***
Gräber TB-160 DAICHISP 14 DJ16,00 m270 kg12,40 m
Gräber TB-160 DAICHISP14CJ16,00 m250 kg12,70 m
Gräber TB-220 DJLG660SJ22,02 m340 kg17,10 m
Gräber TB-220 D HC3JLG660 SJ HC322,10 m454 kg17,02 m
Gräber TB-230 DAICHISP21AJ23,00 m250 kg18,30 m
Gräber TB-230 II DAICHISP 2123,00 m227 kg17,80 m
Gräber TB-280 DHaulotteHT28 RTJ PRO27,90 m350 kg23,80 m
Gräber TB-280 DGENIES-85 XC27,91 m454 kg22,71 m
Gräber TB-282 DJLG860SJ 28,20 m230 kg22,86 m
Gräber TB-430 DJLG1350SJP43,15 m454 kg24,38 m
Gräber TB-477 DJLG1500SJ47,70 m454 kg24,38 m
Gräber TB-570 DGenius SX-18056,86 m340 kg24,38 m

* depending on the load capacity ** Subject to technical modifications. All dimensions, weights and working diagrams are approximate. | Please note that the optimum view of the PDF data sheets is only guaranteed with the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

This data sheet is currently under construction.